• 5 star review  When i gave birth to my baby boy, i was having really low yield, so i did a bit of googling and found out about Singapore Lactation Bakes so i decided to give it a try. Their service was extremely prompt, i placed my order that day and i received my order in full the next day! I ordered the sinful chocolate, red velvet, chocolate chips and cranberry for the four choices of muffins, and dark chocolate macadamia nut and oats lactation as well as butterscotch and oats lacation cookies for my first try.The delivery arrived somewhere around 3pm, just in time for my tea break so i wasted no time in popping a muffin into my mouth. The muffins were extremely tasty, its a very welcome taste as i was on a strict diet for my first baby, so i refrained from a lot of tasty foods, the sinful chocolate muffin really made my day. Two is a just nice number for eating, not too filling and sweet tooth fulfiled. The results weren’t instantaneous, before taking the muffins i was only pumping 20ml, the immediate pump after the muffins was also at 20ml, told myself to have the cookies and see how’s the next pump. The following pump came in at 50ml! So these muffins and cookies work! I continued taking the muffins and cookies, and by the third/fourth day, i was pumping 70-90ml regularly! Until now, every pump sessions, I am pumping more than 300ml! I highly recommend SLB bakes, not only for the tasty cookies and muffins, but also for the extremely friendly and prompt service, and do like their facebook page too, they provide many breast milk pump hacks and friendly advise!!

    thumb Sheralyn Lee

    5 star review  Awesome tasting cookies that work. Our 3rd child and the first time I’m having such a great time trying to get my milk supply up and running. With c-sections, I’ve always needed a kickstart to get my supply up, and these were perfect! An hour into digging in, could feel the letdown and boob 1 and boob 2 were ready to go. Thanks for the the quick deliveries as well!

    thumb Grace Chia

    5 star review  Absolutely love the lactation cookies � And the little lactation muffin that came along as a treat was just as tasty. Will definitely recommend to fellow mommies who wanna boost their milk supply � (formula milk not cheap okay!!! �) Looking forward to order other flavours �

    thumb Hema Latha Surenthar

    Got some of these amazing bakes as a gift as I supposed this is ideal for a cousin who is breastfeeding! A simple google search led me to Singapore Lactation Bakes and I made the purchase after reading so many great reviews. Right decision made cause my cousin told me that her supply increased so much and she has more than sufficient supply for my adorable nephew now. Customer service was awesome and gave me so many recommendations for someone as inexperienced as me. Delivery was smooth and on time. My cousin will be making another purchase soon!

    thumb Jacinda Tan
  • 5 star review  Am extremely grateful to Jo for accommodating my baby’s food sensitivities by coming up with customised dairy- and soy-free cookies without compromising on taste and ingredients. Thank you so much!!

    thumb Yanxin Zhong

    5 star review  I ordered for cookies on a monday night and received them on Wednesday which was a fast delivery i would say. The cookies tastes so good. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery.

    thumb Uthayan Shamun

    5 star review  Fast delivery and the cookies so delicious especially chocolate chip and cranberry �

    thumb Yenni Natalia

    5 star review  I loved their dark chocolate cookies! I am not a person who eats chocolate at all but their chocolate cookies are simply delicious to be missed. Also, these cookies boosts my milk supply! Will recommend to those mothers who are having low milk supply! Good luck!

    thumb Hui Min
  • 5 star review  Muffin is moist n yummy.. Must try.. It works on getting yield..

    thumb Raina Chua

    5 star review  SLB cookies has become my fav supper/snack pumping kaki 🙂 Taste fantastic for a bm booster!!

    thumb Joyce Ho

    Had a very good experience over at SLB. Got cookies and muffins for my friend and she loved it , she said it was really tasty and helped her alot. Delivery was super smooth and efficent. Thier replies were super quick as well! Staff were really friendly 😊 Thumbs up and would definitely go back there again in the future. 👍🏻

    thumb Tan Minghui

    5 star review  Randomly came across SLB from FB, decided to give it a try. Cookies tastes fantastic and baker is able to adjust the sweetness as per my request. The great thing is after consuming, my breast milk increases to another 40-50ml. Definitely an awesome snack to recommend.

    thumb Catherine Tan Hwei Ling
  • 5 star review  Love the cookies and chocolate muffin especially. Thanks Joanne, highly recommended to all mummies who like a “comfort” food to boost milk supply 🙂

    thumb Janelle Koh

    5 star review  my saviour~ ordered the cookies on 1st July and was told on the very next day that my order was ready. had it couriered over on 3rd. July and i could already see my milk supply slowly increasing on the 4th day of consumption. she was so nice accomodating to my request. of not having brewers yeast as the ingredient.each and every day, i really look forward to the breaking fast time where i can finally munch on the cookies every four hourly as i pump. i am so happy with the output that i am pretty sure of more orders coming up real soon. especially now that the fasting month is coming to an end soon. only means more munching time during every pumping session(:ps: gonna order the muffins soon. hehs.

    thumb Farlyanna Mohd Nor

    5 star review  To be honest, I am not a big fan of cookies and muffins but after reading about how it helps on increasing milk supplies, I gave it a shot. And I didn't regret it as the muffins and cookies are so tasty. I just received my 2nd order and that 12 pieces of muffins will be my breakfast every morning. As for milk supplies, i do see the amount increased. Definitely worth trying it!

    thumb Jov Val

    5 star review  Cookies were superlicious. Could barely stop once I started. Nutella cookie cup were awesome and best of all both helped with my supply. Thanks SLB!

    thumb Pearl Sim
  • 5 star review  I ordered 4 different flavor of cookies. I like the raisin cookies the most. I ate 8-12 pieces a day and can see the milk increase by the next day. It increase about 20ml per side. It really help me as I'm a low supply mom. And the most impt is I received the cookie the next day after I ordered! Very fast I like!!! Thanks SLB!

    thumb Agnes Tan

    5 star review  Got my cookies within 3 days of ordering. Absolutely scrumptious!!! Observed a 20% increase in my supply after consuming 5 cookies!

    thumb Kim Sara

    5 star review  Yummy cookies & muffins! very fast response time and generous with ingredients. Though not immediate effect, after eating for 3 days, my supply gradually built up. mummies gotta be patient and def you see some results 🙂

    thumb Deslyn Eng

    5 star review  The taste is really good.. In fact I just received the cookies last night and have just made another new order!!!!! Love how Joanna keeps me updated on the progress like payment received, cookies in the oven and finally cookies on the way! Shows that she really put in great effort to run this biz.. Even my mil who is very particular about food loves the cookies... 🙂

    thumb Priscilla Lu
  • 5 star review  Ordered the cookies for the first time and after few days of trying out, it helped me to increase my letdown volume. Also thankfully to Joanna for all the advise. ��

    thumb Liwen Soh

    Tried a pack given by friend. Its gd and helped to increase supply. So going to order more.

    thumb Jac Hoe

    5 star review  The bakes are really good taste in the first place either cookies or muffins. I can see it works on me when i am in the confinement. Since i am back to work, the pumping routine was affected as the work load is heavy and the supply was not as many as first a few month. But luckily i still feel the bakes support me to give my baby full breast milk till now.

    thumb YiQing LI

    I have order 4 times from SLB, so far I love their cookie cup! Super yummy, so easy to finish all 6 in one sitting. Most importantly it boosted my supply by 30-50ML each pump! I'll recommend their bakes to all new mummies for sure! Keep up the good work!

    thumb Jenny Seet
  • 5 star review  These are some of the yummiest cookies I ever tasted. I can't even taste the gross Brewers yeast.... It's SO good. The only problem is I'm afraid I'll always be in maternity clothes if I keep ordering them

    thumb Parsa Sanjana Amin

    5 star review  I got my order in such a short span of time! Thanks Joanna for your heartwarming encouragement! Greatly appreciate!

    thumb Serene Ko

    5 star review  ~~I just have e 1st try of e Cookies last Friday~~e taste was awesome n easily addicted to it. Really taste very yummy...cookies also aid in increasing e milk flow! I will be ordering for e 2nd batch real soonie! E service is really another plus point that attract me to do e 2nd batch ordering. Very friendly and always quick to respond to all my doubts, love e service too :))

    thumb Evelyn Aw

    5 star review  Bought it during the Baby Fair pre-order and the taste is awesome. It is very addictive as well.

    thumb Sherine J. Loke
  • I had ordered from SLB for the 3rd time and I must say, their customer service is excellent so far. Very prompt and friendly and never fail to impress me. Their cookies are Yummy, especially the dark chocolate, choco chip and white choco with nuts! I been eating them as snacks through out the day and it certainly help with my milk supply. Keep up the good work slb! 😊

    thumb Irene Chng

    5 star review  Very good experience there! Responsive and friendly , cookies can be specialized to my liking which my friend loves. She has a sweet tooth and they had the right flavour for her! Cookie cups and muffins are really pretty too! Espically the red velvet one. Would recommend for women that have newborn babies for their feeding journey. � Thumbs up and would go again �

    thumb Oh Richelle

    5 star review  Absolutely in love with slb's cookies! Managed to try most of the flavours from the baby fair last weekend, and bought the cranberry ones. Also had their nutella cookie cups, they were so delish my husband stole 2 out of my 4 pieces!Most importantly, these snacks actually worked for me. Just 2 cookies and 1 cookie cup, I yielded around 50ml more than my usual! Now I've gotta control my intake, least I get too engorged from slb's cookies. Next up, muffins!**to add on, I've tried other brands of lactation cookies, and they didn't work for me. Glad to have found and tried slb's!

    thumb Jen Yin

    5 star review  Cookies are really delicious even my mum and boy love them too. The cookies really increase my let downs ���

    thumb Nelly Tan
  • 5 star review  loved the yummy lavender muffins. definitely help boosted my supply.

    thumb Yan Est

    5 star review  1st time trying out the cookies. After trying out 3 pieces of cookies, felt engorged and letdown in less than 30 mins! Supply also increased by a little. Really works wonder! Strongly recommend.

    thumb Maybeline Tan

    5 star review  I ordered the cookies and tried an assortment of flavours (dark choc, cranberry oats, raisin) and not only are they addictive, they helped boost my milk supply till my LO STTN but i suffered frm blocked ducts afterwards :/ so mummies rmbr to pump out the milk when taking these yummy goodies!

    thumb Aurelia Ong Chi-En

    5 star review  I ordered the chocolate chip and peanut cookies. Joanna was so prompt in confirming and making the delivery. I was so grateful coz i was truly at a lost at that point in time.A few days after I started eating the cookies, my milk supply has increased. I'm a happy mummy! I started of pumping about 8 ounces a day. Within 5 days, I went up to 13 ounces. That's an increase of 150ml (5 ounces). That's more than my little one's single milk feed. It was amazing !!!Needless to say, when I'm done with my cookies, I'll be definitely messaging you for more. A big thank you for the milk boost !!!

    thumb Sri Devi
  • 5 star review  These cookies are delicious and they actually taste like they are good for you. I noticed an increase in my supply and its a wonderful treat for times when I want something a little sweet anyways. Lets just say I went through the bottle very quickly and cant wait for more! Best cookies and greatest customer service!!

    thumb Imah Halil

    4 star review  Love all the products from SLB! Though the increase in milk supply wasn't great for me (just a little), I still diligently ate the cookies for 4 months cos they were yummy!

    thumb Peirong Andrea Ng

    Unfortunately the cookies i ordered didnt help to increase my supply. Oddly my supply fell after I started eating them (though I suppose this could be due to other factors). The taste of the cookies is not bad but I wouldnt pay so much just for the taste (since we paid the hefty premium for the potential increase in milk supply). I found eating oats directly much more useful than eating the lactation cookies.Delivery was kind of weird too since I didnt receive an email notifying me of the delivery date. 1 hour before delivery I received a whatsapp message informing me that the cookies will be arriving, which caught me by surprise. I had to ask the delivery guy to leave the cookies at my door and hope no one would take them. However I would commend the responsiveness at its online customer support.

    thumb Hui Ting Sim

    5 star review  Bought a gift set for my Friend and SLB very kindly expedited for me! Fantastic service, friendly and very accommodating. Would definitely purchase again! �

    thumb Vania Si