• 5 star review  As a ftm who's going back to work next month, I was looking for a way to increase my supply so that my LO can still have bm when I return to work. So glad I tried SLB cookies as I only had the cookies for 2 days and have seen my supply increase by 5-10ml per session. It may seem little but it means a lot to me:)

    thumb Pamela Teo

    5 star review  Ordered the chocolate and oat cookies and raisin cookies to share with my sister. I personally liked the chocolate one more while my sister prefers raisin. Delivery is prompt and packaging is very nice. A good snack to have when you feel like munching something 🙂

    thumb Sim Rainie

    5 star review  Just received the cookies, ordered the cranberry oats flavour yday. It's sooooo good!! Look forward to increased supply in the next few days. Thank you for the complimentary muffin too, my 4yo saw it and went straight for it ��

    thumb Thazin Xs

    5 star review  The cookie cups are amazing! finished all 6 cups in one serving. Bought the no-sugar cookies which is also amazing but you will have to consume within 5 days. The chocolate chips in the cookies are huge which makes up for the no-sugar. With regards to milk output, I do notice an increase in my milk. I eat the cookies and drink milkmaid tea in the morning so that my evening milk will increase. My evening pumping session increased by around 20ml when I eat the cookies. Ordered another batch of cookies again and will continue ordering until baby stops drink breastmilk.

    thumb Diana Ensifolia
  • 5 star review  Muffin is moist n yummy.. Must try.. It works on getting yield..

    thumb Raina Chua

    5 star review  Ordered the choc muffin, choc n oatmeal raisin cookies.. All very addictive! Muffin works better for mi than the cookies but both increases my milk supply ☺️

    thumb Choo Minghui

    5 star review  The cookies are awesome!!!! Most lactation cookies i had tasted blah, but yours were super delicious! Also i've been having a supply issue just recently, and the cookies really helped my supply pick up! I think it's a combination of galactagogues at work + happiness while munching on yumminess!! will definitely order more once i've finished my stash (which will be soon! )

    thumb Suqi Cai

    5 star review  It really works! I just ate one lavender muffin and got engorged! Love the taste too!

    thumb Karen Tay
  • 5 star review  Bought it during the Baby Fair pre-order and the taste is awesome. It is very addictive as well.

    thumb Sherine J. Loke

    5 star review  Cookies are really delicious even my mum and boy love them too. The cookies really increase my let downs ���

    thumb Nelly Tan

    5 star review  Highly recommend these cookies to breastfeeding mummies. I see a good boost to my milk supply whenever I consume the cookies. My favorites are the chocolate chip oat and cranberry oat cookies. Awesome to go with milk. These cookies also makes a perfect snack for my older child, we both enjoyed the cookies!

    thumb Annie Koh

    5 star review  I ordered the cookies and tried an assortment of flavours (dark choc, cranberry oats, raisin) and not only are they addictive, they helped boost my milk supply till my LO STTN but i suffered frm blocked ducts afterwards :/ so mummies rmbr to pump out the milk when taking these yummy goodies!

    thumb Aurelia Ong Chi-En
  • 5 star review  My go to lactation cookie supplier:) I love the seamless order- delivery process and the ever cheery and helpful Joanna behind the business is a huge plus. Most importantly, the cookies and muffins have worked for me. They are a great snack for a starving breastfeeding mum too. Thank you! And my baby thanks you too!

    thumb Jade Foo

    5 star review  I bought choc chip muffins and raisins muffins. Oh my...The muffins taste so yummy, soft snd moist! And the seller is very generous with her ingredients. She put alot of hersey choc chip in the muffins. I also bought oats with raisins and oats with choc chip cookies. It taste yummy too and I like cookies with the chewy texture. It would be even better if there are chia seeds added in the cookies for extra boost. Seller is very prompt to deliver the muffins and cookies next day after I made payment. Most importantly, it does helps to boost my milk supply after consuming the muffins for 4 consecutive days..

    thumb Sharon Ashira Chow

    5 star review  Ordered last Saturday night and cookies arrived today! Waiting for them to work it's magic on my milk supply.

    thumb Adelia Seng Suguiura

    5 star review  Was skeptical at the beginning but the muffins definitely boost my milk supply. Plus they taste very good. Joanna was very nice and friendly to work with.

    thumb Leong Angela
  • 5 star review  I got my order in such a short span of time! Thanks Joanna for your heartwarming encouragement! Greatly appreciate!

    thumb Serene Ko

    5 star review  These are some of the yummiest cookies I ever tasted. I can't even taste the gross Brewers yeast.... It's SO good. The only problem is I'm afraid I'll always be in maternity clothes if I keep ordering them

    thumb Parsa Sanjana Amin

    5 star review  Love the cookies and chocolate muffin especially. Thanks Joanne, highly recommended to all mummies who like a “comfort” food to boost milk supply 🙂

    thumb Janelle Koh

    5 star review  ~~I just have e 1st try of e Cookies last Friday~~e taste was awesome n easily addicted to it. Really taste very yummy...cookies also aid in increasing e milk flow! I will be ordering for e 2nd batch real soonie! E service is really another plus point that attract me to do e 2nd batch ordering. Very friendly and always quick to respond to all my doubts, love e service too :))

    thumb Evelyn Aw
  • 5 star review  Absolutely love and appreciate their customer service! I had weird craving for Horlicks favored yums but they were not baking the Malteses Horlicks muffins anymore so I requested a special order of Horlicks muffins and they were able to accommodate my request! The muffins taste so amazing! Dense and yet not too sweet! Thanks Alice for the customer service and ur wonderful bakers!

    thumb Charmaine Teo

    5 star review  Very yummy cookies! I’ve tried dark choc, cranberry, butter scotch and white choc macadamia. I love the dark choc! With regular pumping and eating these cookies, it definitely helped with my milk!

    thumb Hui Min Ang

    5 star review  Really really awesomely delicious lactation cookies! I cannot help but eat them for breakfast and snack them all day long. Tried several lactation cookies and I always dread eating them, at least for these, I do not mind trying until i see my supply increases!

    thumb Eval Speh

    5 star review  Yummy Yummy cookies!! Little stars shape, soft and easy to bite! Love the effort from Joanna, she did the delivery herself on a public holiday!

    thumb Ariel Koh
  • 5 star review  ordered twice and really love the cookies. The cookies are yummy and indeed helps to increase my supply. thumbs up! great service too.

    thumb Shermin Aw

    5 star review  When i gave birth to my baby boy, i was having really low yield, so i did a bit of googling and found out about Singapore Lactation Bakes so i decided to give it a try. Their service was extremely prompt, i placed my order that day and i received my order in full the next day! I ordered the sinful chocolate, red velvet, chocolate chips and cranberry for the four choices of muffins, and dark chocolate macadamia nut and oats lactation as well as butterscotch and oats lacation cookies for my first try.The delivery arrived somewhere around 3pm, just in time for my tea break so i wasted no time in popping a muffin into my mouth. The muffins were extremely tasty, its a very welcome taste as i was on a strict diet for my first baby, so i refrained from a lot of tasty foods, the sinful chocolate muffin really made my day. Two is a just nice number for eating, not too filling and sweet tooth fulfiled. The results weren’t instantaneous, before taking the muffins i was only pumping 20ml, the immediate pump after the muffins was also at 20ml, told myself to have the cookies and see how’s the next pump. The following pump came in at 50ml! So these muffins and cookies work! I continued taking the muffins and cookies, and by the third/fourth day, i was pumping 70-90ml regularly! Until now, every pump sessions, I am pumping more than 300ml! I highly recommend SLB bakes, not only for the tasty cookies and muffins, but also for the extremely friendly and prompt service, and do like their facebook page too, they provide many breast milk pump hacks and friendly advise!!

    thumb Sheralyn Lee

    5 star review  1st time trying out the cookies. After trying out 3 pieces of cookies, felt engorged and letdown in less than 30 mins! Supply also increased by a little. Really works wonder! Strongly recommend.

    thumb Maybeline Tan

    5 star review  Received my bundle set muffins & cookies - simply delicious and addictive that I just ordered more cookies~ *yummy yummy*Super duper BIG THANKS to Alice for answering all my questions and being extremely patient with me - really appreciate this type of customer service. Top notch! *big big thumbs up*

    thumb Pei Yan Lim
  • 5 star review  I’ve been exclusively pumping for slightly more than a year and recently there’s a drop in my yield. Without hesitation, I ordered muffins, cookies and cookies cup from SLB! I have to say all of them taste really good!! What’s more, it helps to boost my supply by a little. I strongly recommend bf Mummies to try this!

    thumb Leong Shu Hua

    Great experience with SLB. Bought a gift hamper for my friend who just gave birth. She love every single thing that was given inside. But She love the cookies cup the most as she is a chocolate lover. The cookies cup is filled with lots of nutella which is really sinful but is an awesome chocolate treat for her. Delivery was on time, speedy replies from the staff. Thank you will definitely buy them again. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    thumb MsWee Vanessa

    5 star review  The cookies are yummylicious and super addictive. I finished my pack of cookies in one week and looking forward to my second pack! Most importantly it worked as a booster for me!

    thumb Jasmin Tay

    5 star review  I tried all the available brands in the market, but SLB bakes the yummiest cookies n muffins!!

    thumb Pearlyn Seah
  • 5 star review  Yummy cookies & muffins! very fast response time and generous with ingredients. Though not immediate effect, after eating for 3 days, my supply gradually built up. mummies gotta be patient and def you see some results 🙂

    thumb Deslyn Eng

    5 star review  Randomly came across SLB from FB, decided to give it a try. Cookies tastes fantastic and baker is able to adjust the sweetness as per my request. The great thing is after consuming, my breast milk increases to another 40-50ml. Definitely an awesome snack to recommend.

    thumb Catherine Tan Hwei Ling

    5 star review  To be honest, I am not a big fan of cookies and muffins but after reading about how it helps on increasing milk supplies, I gave it a shot. And I didn't regret it as the muffins and cookies are so tasty. I just received my 2nd order and that 12 pieces of muffins will be my breakfast every morning. As for milk supplies, i do see the amount increased. Definitely worth trying it!

    thumb Jov Val

    5 star review  I got these as a gift from a dear friend while I was breastfeeding. It not only helped with my milk production, it tasted delicious too. 🙂

    thumb Herng Wei Chan
  • 5 star review  good

    thumb Grace Lynn

    5 star review  Tried the lavender muffins n peanut cookies and there's a boost of abt 40 to 50mls within the next 2 hrs. A definite muz try if u need a boost!!

    thumb Elisa Yap

    5 star review  I ordered the chocolate chip and peanut cookies. Joanna was so prompt in confirming and making the delivery. I was so grateful coz i was truly at a lost at that point in time.A few days after I started eating the cookies, my milk supply has increased. I'm a happy mummy! I started of pumping about 8 ounces a day. Within 5 days, I went up to 13 ounces. That's an increase of 150ml (5 ounces). That's more than my little one's single milk feed. It was amazing !!!Needless to say, when I'm done with my cookies, I'll be definitely messaging you for more. A big thank you for the milk boost !!!

    thumb Sri Devi

    5 star review  Did my 2nd time purchase! Love the dark choc with oats Lacatation cookies, cranberry and the milk drunk Nutella mini. First time when I try I love it, BM supply did increase abit like 10ml per pump for 2-3hr interval pumping in the initial stage. I order the 2nd batch recently due to going back to work soon and will like to see if can boast supply further. It has been a long time that I feel engorgement. Aft taking 3 days of the cookies taking minimum 10-12 cookies when hungry. I start to able to feel engorgment again. Really a boaster for me!

    thumb Yvonne Ang