Milk Silk Nursing Cover


Breastfeed your baby on the go with this ultra-soft and lightweight nursing cover. Made of 100% milk silk, it drapes stylishly over you and provides modest coverage when you’re nursing. With this nursing poncho, you’ll be able to nurse anywhere with confidence. Made of the softest milk silk fabric which contain 18 amino-acids that are beneficial to health.

The amino acids in the protein have actually been found to be antibacterial and anti-aging and can help regulate both blood circulation and body temperature

So how does it feels?

It is not the slippery silky polyester blend but rather a soft milk silk style. Think of it as cotton with an extra soft feel. It doesn’t really feel like either. The material is closer to a silk feel than a cotton feel.




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Solid Black, Colourful Feather, Anchor

Milk Silk Nursing Cover

Milk Silk Nursing Cover
One Size30cm65cm70cm

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