Product Design:

1. Website and all collateral images are for illustration only.

2. Thus, cookies and muffins (exterior and interior) and colours may vary slightly from the website images.

3. In our bid to be environmentally friendly, cookies are packed according to their flavors.
An order is placed for 200g of 3 flavors, you will receive 3 bags of cookies (600g in total).
An order is placed for a single flavor of cookies, the default option is you will receive 1 bag of that flavour.
If you order 6 different flavors, you will receive 6 packages.

4. Our cookies will not be packed in 100g, unless you specify it in your additional notes to us.

5. Package components and food items are subject to availability

6. However, in the event that any food items or components are unavailable, we will contact the customer and propose possible substitutions for the missing components before proceeding with your purchase(s).