About Singapore Lactation Bakes

About Singapore lactation bakes

Greetings fellow mommies, I am Joanna Goy, founder of Singapore lactation bakes.

I am a proud mother of two beautiful girls. Singapore lactation bakes was started out of necessity. I was a slow and low yielder, and like all moms, I was constantly gripped by the fear that I would not be able to provide an ample supply of milk to meet the growing needs of my daughters.Singapore Lactation Bakes founder

This worry was compounded further when I returned to work, after the birth of my first child. In an attempt to juggle a hectic work life, family life as well as the newfound role of being a mummy, I found it increasingly challenging to find time to pump. This eventually led to a decrease in my milk supply. Being a low yielder to begin with, I agonised over the fear of a decrease in supply. Thus, I began searching for a solution that would allow me to increase, if not maintain, a supply that would be sufficient to meet the growing needs of my daughter.

The first time I used my breast pump was when my eldest daughter was three days old and I was very disappointed that I was to produced a single drop of milk. I was completely distraught and helpless. When my milk finally came on the fourth day, I was only able to get around 30 to 50ml per pump session. This threw me into a state of anxiety and thoughts on whether or not she would have enough to drink for her next feed plague me daily.

This predicament was only exacerbated by the demanding and fast paced job that I had. Looking back in retrospection, thar was truly a very stressful period for me.

Despite having tried a multitude of different methods- via online resources and books- to increase my milk yield, it was to no avail. While I persevered on, I was still only able to provide my daughter with only 2 full feeds of breastmilk for nine months. I recall having to pump at least twice a day, just so as to provide enough milk for two of her feeds the following day. I felt both frustrated and disappointed, knowing that the amount that I am able to produce was barely enough to meet her needs.

A few years later, I was blessed with a second daughter. Apart from being over the moon, I recalled being concerned over a potential low breast milk yield which had plagued me thought my first breastfeeding experience. I immediately started intensely researching on the various ways to boost my milk supply. At the time of my second daughter’s birth, I was still rather fearful. Anxious that I would yet again not be able to provide sufficient milk for my child.

My fears were realised when my milk came on the second day after my daughter’s birth, and the yield was as low as before. This persisted for the subsequent days, and despite trying all the methods that I had researched on, nothing worked. I was heartbroken. However, it was also around this time that I had the great fortune of joining a group of wonderful mummies online.They shared with me the various methods that they have used to successfully boost their own supply. Most of them were methods that I have already tried and had no success with. However, my lucky break came when some of the mummies told me about something wondrous that I had not read about in all my research-lactation cookies.

Initially, I was immensely skeptical, as it sounded too good to be true. We had exhausted all means and my husband even scoffed at the idea that eating a cookie would magically produce milk. However, having used up all my options, I was desperate and decided to give them a shot after reading the mummies raving on and on about the lactation cookies.

Immediately, I was met with a new obstacle: lactation cookies are costly. Thus, I decided to do a bit of research and see if I could bake them for myself. When I finally baked my first batch, despite the cookies being delicious, I was disappointed: I did not see an immediate increase in my milk supply. Looking back, I realised my impatience had gotten the better of me; true enough, a few days later, I noticed my milk production increased! That was the first time that I was able to produce around 80ml in one pump session. Initially the skeptic in me had thought that that might have been a good day, but that was not the case, as I was able to consistently produce that amount of milk for the subsequent days as well.

As I continued baking and eating more of the lactation cookies, the amount of milk that I was able to produce gradually increased as well. Three months later, I noticed that my milk had not only became thicker, but I was also able to yield a lot more. Currently, even after latching her, I am still able to produce 300ml! My yield has increased so much that I can now afford to give both my girls a milk bath daily, and still have a freezer stock full of frozen breastmilk. Unlike before, now both my daughters can enjoy the benefits of breastmilk simultaneously.

And here we have, the story of how Singapore Lactation Bakes was born.

Singapore Lactation Bakes specialises in the creation of lactation cookies and muffins. There is a huge variety of flavours to suit different palates of nursing mummies. We also know how tough the initial weeks of nursing can be so,!to help lighten the load, we offer a door-to-door delivery service for all you mummies who are looking to boost your milk supply!

I also sincerely hope that my own personal experiences can help inspire other mummies to persevere on in their own breastfeeding endeavours. I would love to share my other journeys and experiences with you and make yours a smoother one. Do feel free to drop me a text or email me so that we can get in touch!

Joanna Goy

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