Christine Chen

After eating your lavender muffin and 6 pieces of cookies my night pump output went up by nearly 30ml:))

Erie Yuniarti

Received my cookies, it help boost my supply and taste nice , finish my 500gr in one week and order another 1kg haha. Thanks singapore lactation bakes smile emoticon

Shirley Widjaja

The cookies very tasty nd it does help increase my milk supply

Ong Shu Ting

Simply love the lactation cookies… yummylicious~ and most importantly, supply went up by abit… 😄

Bliss Ang

Received the cookies yesterday! Great service by Joanna!

Love the hello kitty tin – glad I made it in time to get the leopard one.

Cookies are very nice. The ones with oats is surprising not dry. The ones without are a bit dryer in fact but I love the crunch that comes with it. Even my mother says it’s nice.

Tried about 6 to 8 pieces today and hopefully it will increase my yield

Shermin Aw

Got my cookies (a mixture of with and without oats ) yesterday. I’ve almost finish half of it within a day! It’s really nice and indeed notice an increase in BM. Thanks!

Annie Leong

Your cookies is nice (yummy) and not too sweet. 😊😊 After eating your cookies, my BM had increase. Thank you

Swee Hua

Excellent cookies! I love it! My milk supply increased greatly!