Sophie Zul

The cookies looked too nice too eat! Taste so delicious & I simply love d simple packaging. Delivery service is prompt too. A definite must order again. Keep on baking Babe! 🙂

Par Sanjana Amin-Huq

These are some of the yummiest cookies I ever tasted. I can’t even taste the gross Brewers yeast…. It’s SO good. The only problem is I’m afraid I’ll always be in maternity clothes if I keep ordering them

Serene Chen

have ordered the lavender, chocolate, raisin, strawberry lactation muffins before. all are nice. my all-time favourite are the lactation cookies. just cant stop eating.. most importantly, it boob my ss!! thumbs up for SLB.

Imah Halil

These cookies are delicious and they actually taste like they are good for you. I noticed an increase in my supply and its a wonderful treat for times when I want something a little sweet anyways. Lets just say I went through the bottle very quickly and cant wait for more! Best cookies and greatest customer service!!

Sim Rainie

Ordered the chocolate and oat cookies and raisin cookies to share with my sister. I personally liked the chocolate one more while my sister prefers raisin. Delivery is prompt and packaging is very nice. A good snack to have when you feel like munching something 🙂

Eval Speh

Really really awesomely delicious lactation cookies! I cannot help but eat them for breakfast and snack them all day long. Tried several lactation cookies and I always dread eating them, at least for these, I do not mind trying until i see my supply increases!

Hui Min Goh

I asked for recommendations for lactation cookies on a Mommies Facebook group and worked my way down the list. By the time I reached SLB, I’d tried out 3-4 brands – none of which I liked. SLB’s cookies are delish and chockful of the good stuff. Joanna is also super friendly, helpful and obliging. Love transacting with her. Thanks for the awesomeness 🙂

Farlyanna Mohd Nor

my saviour~ ordered the cookies on 1st July and was told on the very next day that my order was ready. had it couriered over on 3rd. July and i could already see my milk supply slowly increasing on the 4th day of consumption. she was so nice accomodating to my request. of not having brewers yeast as the ingredient.

each and every day, i really look forward to the breaking fast time where i can finally munch on the cookies every four hourly as i pump. i am so happy with the output that i am pretty sure of more orders coming up real soon. especially now that the fasting month is coming to an end soon. only means more munching time during every pumping session(:

ps: gonna order the muffins soon. hehs

Suqi Cai


The cookies are awesome!!!! Most lactation cookies i had tasted blah, but yours were super delicious! Also i’ve been having a supply issue just recently, and the cookies really helped my supply pick up! I think it’s a combination of galactagogues at work + happiness while munching on yumminess!! will definitely order more once i’ve finished my stash (which will be soon! )