Yan Est

loved the yummy lavender muffins. definitely help boosted my supply.

Avi Ivana

Very nice cookies. I like it a lot and help me to increase my milk supply.. this my second time order. Thanks a lot slb

Verine Lim

Ordered for the 2nd time.. The cookies are delicious and certainly did help to boost my supply.. Finished 1.5kg of cookies within a week plus..

Deslyn Eng

Yummy cookies & muffins! very fast response time and generous with ingredients.
Though not immediate effect, after eating for 3 days, my supply gradually built up.
mummies gotta be patient and def you see some results 🙂

Ariel Koh

Yummy Yummy cookies!! Little stars shape, soft and easy to bite! Love the effort from Joanna, she did the delivery herself on a public holiday!

Leong Angela

Was skeptical at the beginning but the muffins definitely boost my milk supply. Plus they taste very good. Joanna was very nice and friendly to work with.

Choo MingHui

Ordered the choc muffin, choc n oatmeal raisin cookies.. All very addictive! Muffin works better for mi than the cookies but both increases my milk supply ☺️

Rachel Lijun

Managed to get back my ss and continue my bf journey with my little precious. Thanks to SLB yummy cookies!

Received my order the very next day and excellence service by Joanna.

Felicia Chew

Ordered on thurs and was able to collect the next day. Very fast! Cookies are fanastic and boy arent they potent, supply upped and it was milky too. Thank goodness for recommendations to SLB else I wouldnt had the chance to have met my saviour to boost milk supply. Thanks SLB.